Hi,<BR><BR>I need to add &#039;Events Calendar&#039; functionality to a website I am creating (Intranet). Essentialy this just means display in calendar format (in a month by month view) all days which have an event on them and allow them to click into that day to see the info.<BR><BR>All of the info about the events is currently held in Exchange. You can quite happily view the calendar at the moment using Outlook - but this now need to be moved into a browser compatiable version<BR><BR>As far as I can see I have 3 choices<BR><BR>1) I really hope this is possile as I&#039;m very lazy - Can I just open up Outlook within the browser in the same way you might open a .xls or .doc. This would be ideal if I could just open outlook on the correct calendar view - however there are no file with Outlook that I could point my hyperlink or response.contenttype to<BR><BR>2) Use the COM interface to create my own mini application (Server.CreateObject("Outlook.application") etc etc). Now I really dont want to do that as I have very short timescales<BR><BR>3) Use Outlook Web Access to display the info - does anyone know if this is painful to set up or if indeed it will display calendar info - I&#039;ve only ever see it display mailbox info<BR><BR>If anyone has any experience of the above or can otherwise make any recommendations they&#039;d be really gratefully recieved<BR><BR>Thanks, Chris.