MTS errors - dont understand them - please help!

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Thread: MTS errors - dont understand them - please help!

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    Default MTS errors - dont understand them - please help!

    Hi,<BR><BR>I am running an ASP website with Access as the backend database that the pages query. I&#039;m using IIS4 and I have MTS installed too as default. I never intended to use MTS cos I don&#039;t know how to use it but I am know getting errors referring to it.<BR><BR>My site was running fine but now I&#039;m getting an error in the Event Log which stops my website. The error is as follows:<BR><BR>An object call caused an exception (IID:<BR>Transaction Server Internals Information: File:<BR>i:vipersrc
    untimemtxexactivity.cpp, Line: 889) (Exception:<BR>C00000FD) (Address:0x680e33a7)<BR>asp + 0x333A7<BR>asp + 0x23654<BR>asp!TerminateExtension + 0x7BA7<BR>asp + 0x32BC3<BR>mtxex!MTSCreateActivity + 0x1F3C<BR>mtxex!MTSCreateActivity + 0xF3E<BR><BR>I&#039;ve looked this up on Microsoft and it says that this sort of error usually occurs for an Access Violation <BR>or a Divison by 0. I also found out that the MTS is called by using Server.Createobject.<BR><BR>I use Createobject (instead of Server.Createobject) to set my db connection and my recordsets so I didn&#039;t think that had to call the MTS.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not using any components or dlls that I&#039;ve created cos I don&#039;t know how to create them - my pages <BR>are just plain html with ASP. As far as I know I don&#039;t need MTS for anything.<BR><BR>Do you know why Im getting that error and/or if it would be the best thing to uninstall MTS (if it can be done)?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help you can give me,<BR>Heather<BR>

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    Default RE: MTS errors - dont understand them - please hel

    I&#039;m almost positive that you CANNOT uninstall MTS. I think IIS needs it to run, period.<BR><BR>All I could find from Microsoft about that error was the following:<BR><BR>"This error occurs when a component registered in MTS performed an illegal action (often an access violation). MTS traps the exception, and then brings down the process."<BR><BR>I did find someone getting a similar error and they said the following:<BR><BR>"I found that it was a problem with the Access database that was being accessed. So we exported all the data to a SQL database and the problem went away."<BR><BR>You&#039;re certain that nothing was done to the server between now and when you&#039;re pages were working?<BR><BR>Did you try to Index Server running or something? I&#039;ve seen this error before associated with Regular Expressions... are you using them? What happens when you reboot the server? It appears that one of several things could be causing this.

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