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    I am trying to send an xml document to a server using xmlhttp but am having difficulty in finding any examples where an xml file which has been saved to my hard-drive is sent.<BR><BR>Is it possible to send a saved file using this method and if so how??<BR><BR>Many thanks,<BR>Jason<BR>

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    The XMLHTTP object is for either using "post" or "get" from a webserver. if you are trying to do what i think you are trying to do then:<BR><BR>load the XML document into a var using FSO, then post it an ASP page to deal with it. that way the ASP can grab the http stream and do what ever it needs to do.<BR><BR>if you are trying to send a locally saved file then you&#039;ll need to upload the file to a server first, using an upload component/some decent ASP scripting and then deal with it there.<BR><BR>Toozious

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