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    Default tricky layers problem

    Hi!<BR>I&#039;ve got javascript dropdown menus on my site, that is working so that when you click the main menu item, the submenu items appear in a new layer. I would like to have my menus in a topframe, so that it will be attainable from all pages, but my layers are disappearing behind the main frame. Is there a way to make a layer stay &#039;always on top&#039;, to make it drop down over the other frame?<BR>/thanks <BR>sebastian

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    Default No, there's not.

    The only way is to re-write the drop-downs so that they are displayed in a different frame to the frame which calls them.<BR><BR>Either that, or move the calling code (something like "onMouseOver=showMenu(1)") into the top frame and change it to "onMouseOver=parent.framename.showMenu(1)".<BR><BR >Craig.

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