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    I have never used the server.scriptTimeout doohicky...<BR>But, now I have a need for it. I have a script that sends each of my website users an email with his picks and how they compare to the results of the lotto. It works beautifully, except that it timesout two or three times before it is done. This is not a big deal because I programmed it well. It can pick-up where it left off, no trouble.<BR><BR>Nevertheless, I would like to extend the time that the script can run to a number of minutes.... say 10? That should do it. The question I have is, does this item get placed at the very top of the code? Inside the asp tags? (I guess that it must) Does the number represent seconds? so 600 is 10 minutes?<BR><BR>Ok, just asking! Thanks!<BR><BR>Edward<BR>Play lotto and win right now! It is fun and easy!<BR><BR>

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    Default yes, BUT

    ASP is inherently unsuited to these big operations. use windows script host instead. ASP just isn&#039;t designed to do this.<BR><BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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