I am developing an ASP web application that extracts data from an Access database and populates a Word form template. I am running into a problem assigning an Access Memo data field to a Word form field of regular text type of unlimited size.<BR> Set objWord = Server.CreateObject("Word.Application")<BR> objWord.Visible = False<BR> objWord.Documents.Open strTemplatePath & strTemplate<BR> Set objDoc = objWord.ActiveDocument<BR> ......<BR> objDoc.FormFields("Need").Result = rsProject("Need")<BR> ......<BR><BR>Initially, I had trouble extract the memo string value but after resolving that by following one of the solutions proposed in your faq, I am now getting a "String too long" error message:<BR><BR> Microsoft Word error &#039;800a1201&#039; <BR> String too long <BR> /ird/ias/genpif.asp, line 240 <BR><BR>It appears that I cannot assign any string greater than 255 characters to "objDoc.FormFields("Need").Result". Why is there a limit to the size of a supposedly unlimited length form field? Is there another way to assign value to a Word form field that would work?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any assistance!<BR>--Christine