I am running a IIS 5.01 server with xp-pro with a fat 32 partition.<BR><BR>i already do webhosting for my own domain and everything is working well.<BR><BR>I am looking to allow client who want to upload there content webpage like the one done with Dreaweaver . to be able to loging with like:<BR><BR>ftp.domain.com<BR><BR>username:xxx<BR >password:xxx<BR><BR>and upload there content to a specified directory.<BR><BR>i have made some vitual directory and at this point it s working but without any username and passsword !! Then without any security ....<BR><BR>I have look almost everywhere at this point for advice or direction to do this without a lot of success.<BR><BR>i am sure somebody somewhere here or elsewhere know the answer for that but can&#039;t find the solution right now.<BR><BR>can somebody guide me!<BR><BR>thank you!!!!<BR><BR>Reward website space for the real helper!!&#060;i&#039;ll look everyday for the answer post!!&#062;