Here&#039s what I wanted to do (no solution found yet!): I want to limit one membership per computer. If I use cookies, the user might have trouble if the cookie is lost. I do not want that to happen. Instead of cookies, I want to use some other way to give one ID to each computer. Does a user naturally have this ID? Or are there any other ways to create it? Please help!<BR><BR>Also, in response, to the following, I would be using three variables for login: the computer ID, username, password. So according to what Rokea has to say down here:, would I still have security problem?<BR><BR>"RE: IP address / Unique ID to each computer I dont suggest using the IPAdress, because a lot of internet providers are using dynamic ip adresses, meaning that, for example, if you and i were on the same provider, i could have the same IPAdress now that you had yesterday! This obviously wont assure that ONE computer as a unique ID since the same IP can be used by different persons, depending on the way the internet provider gives IPAdress to it&#039s users. Maybe you could use a Database?<BR><BR> Rokea"