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    ok, i have a table with these columns:<BR><BR>sectionID(autonumber)<BR>sectionTi tle(text)<BR>setionOrder(Number)<BR><BR>i need to be able to modify the sectionOrder column for each record with the corrrect order which the user has entered.<BR><BR>the first page will consist of a list of all the sections with a text box beside it allowing the user to enter a number. the question is on the action page what is how can i take these entered numbers and correctly update each row of the table with the correct value.<BR><BR>or is there a better way all together to do this?<BR><BR>i hope this makes sense. let me know if you need further explaination.<BR><BR>thanks!<BR><BR><BR>

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    you can use a naming convention to capture the record ID within the name of the sort order field. Use ASP coding to generate the name of the field, say "ID_sortOrder_field" where ID=record Id<BR><BR>so, "1_sortOrder_field" would represent the recordID=1<BR><BR>Within your update, get the value of the sortOrder_field by<BR><BR>1. sortOrderValue = recordID&"_sortOrder_field"<BR>2. Update your record using the returned value.<BR>3. You may need to handle situations the field is null or an invalid entry.....<BR>

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