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    I'm trying to build an appointments page. Essentially, one of our centers will have a number of PCs, will be open for business between 08:00 and 20:00 every day of the week and will need to book students in for sessions (1hr or 2hr etc) against a particular PC. What i want to display is, the PC id's across the top of the page, the times (in hour increments) down the side and any appointments in the resulting grid. I was planning on using a DataGrid so that i can make it editable. Any suggestions/pointers in the right direction ?

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    Sounds fine to me. All you&#039;ll need to do is make the top row and left hand side row uneditable for a better looking UI. I think the .NET edit functions that render a datarow into textboxes will be perfect for this sort of thing!!<BR><BR>

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