Will try to explain!<BR>2 tables (categories and items)<BR>categories has 2 fields (catID and catDescription).<BR>I need to display the categories down the page (no problem). I then need to take the CatID and join it to the catID which is within the table items and get a count of each catID so I can also display that. Only catIDs that have an entry in items will have a count therefore if not in the table then I need to display 0.<BR>Basically here is a pseudocode and a desired output which hopefully explains better than I!<BR><BR>select catdescriptions from categories<BR>select (number of) catID from items where categories.catid = items.catid<BR>if a catid in categories does not appear in items then the count value of that catid = (0).<BR><BR>Output on page.<BR><BR>CatA (5)<BR>CatB (0)<BR>CatC (12)<BR>CatD (2)<BR>CatE (0)<BR><BR>