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    I have an order form on my web site which has a print button attached to it. What I want to do is send myself an email when this button is clicked on so that I know how many (or how few) orders have been placed. Is this possible, and if so how? <BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Gemma.

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    I don&#039;t get what the print button has to do with it, unless it also submits the order. But if you are just getting the user to print the order and mail it into you, then I don&#039;t see the point, because just printing the order does not guarrantee they will send if.<BR>However to have the script send you an email, you need to use ASP and an e-mail component, or PHP. <BR><BR>With asp you just create an instance on the email object (eg, JMail from, and set the &#039;Recipients&#039;, &#039;Sender&#039;, &#039;Subject&#039; and &#039;Body&#039;, and then execute it. For PHP, just look up the docs.

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