I am trying to build a web application that will be used only by the employees of my company. I have a SQL database that resides in a dedicated server for the database only and I will host the web application on IIS that is resides in a dedicated web server.<BR><BR>So what I would like to do is to authenticate each user by his username that exists in an Active Directory of windows 2000. Some users will be granted permission to insert in the database through a form and some others will be granted permissions to view the data only. I have about 200 users that will enter this web application .<BR><BR>I have tried to set the security login in IIS and in SQL server but I have really failed as each time an error message shows up "failed login for user &#039;NT anonymous&#039; <BR><BR>I have tried to use my account in the active directory and I am also the database owner in SQL server in the connection string of the ASP pages, but sure all users are now can view and insert in the database, that is not what I really want.<BR><BR>So could any one tell me how I set up the security in IIS, SQL server and in the connection string when I open the connection in ASP. And please consider that I want any internet user to view the general pages of the web sites which do not have any valued and secured information.<BR><BR>I do not want to write any code to do this I just want to authenticate the users by their username that they use it when login to the windows 2000 professional environment. This login information is located in another server that has active directory in which all login usernames and passwords are saved<BR><BR>Please note also that I am using interdev<BR>