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    I have this loop on a page, and it freezes and sometimes the scripts times out, any idea as to why???<BR><BR><BR>i = 0<BR>x = FormatNumber((rs3.recordcount / 2), 0)<BR>response.write(i & "<BR>")<BR>response.write(x)<BR><BR>Do While i &#060;= x<BR>i = i + 1<BR>response.write(i & "<BR>")<BR>response.write(x)<BR>Loop<BR><BR>Th anks in avance

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    Hi Clay,<BR><BR>Looks like it *could* be the old &#039evil type coercion&#039 problem... why do you use the formatnumber? Try using:<BR><BR> x = fix(rs3.recordcount / 2)<BR> or<BR> x = rs3.recordcount 2<BR> or, instead of <BR> Do While I &#060;= x<BR> use<BR> Do While clng(I) &#060;= clng(x)<BR><BR>

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