Pls excuse me for reposting this again. Didn&#039;t receive any replies to the initial post so I thought I would check again. In case somebody knows of a different and more appropriate forum for this qt, pls let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Hi All, <BR><BR>I have a situation where I need to perform some transaction activity in an ASP page. I use BeginTrans() and CommitTrans() to control the transaction. As part of the transaction activity I also have to call an oracle stored procedure. My problem is if the transaction is rolled back in the ASP page, the processing happening in the oracle stored procedure should also get rolled back. <BR><BR>Here is a sample piece of code to explain the above - <BR><BR>set conDb = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Connection") <BR><BR>conDb.Open DbConnString <BR><BR>conDb.BeginTrans() <BR><BR>.. some db update stmts <BR> <BR>set cmd=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command") <BR>cmd.ActiveConnection = DbConnString <BR>cmd.CommandType = 1 <BR>cmd.CommandText = someOracleStProc <BR><BR>call cmd.Execute <BR><BR>.. some more db update stmts <BR><BR>conDb.CommitTrans() <BR><BR><BR>If any error occurs between the begintrans() and committrans() statements is there any way of rolling back the processing in the oracle stored procedure also ? <BR><BR>Environment that I am using is - Oracle 8i, Win2K <BR><BR>Thanks in advance