I have ActiveX control written in VC++ works well in VB6, VB7 and some simple asp applications. I am trying to use this ActiveX control in ASP.NET application , but I am facing some problems. Following are the steps I have followed<BR><BR>- Create Web application<BR>- Drag and drop my ActiveX control<BR>- Add reference of my ActiveX control in my Web solution<BR>- Removed codeBehind since I want to call page_load from the aspx page<BR>- Added aspcompat="true" in my @page directive<BR><BR>After dragging my ActiveX component it puts Object tag in my aspx file, If I assign "id" to my ActiveX control it updates this Object tag. After this I am trying to use "id" of my ActiveX control in my page_load subroutine, Initally parser will ignore my Object tag, but once I put runat="server" inside my object tag it will parse this tag but it will give parser error saying that the classid must be proper format<BR><BR>The classid in the Object tag is of follwing format <BR>classid="clsid:......" , If I remove clsid: and run my application I get exception of "Specified Module not found"<BR><BR>Can somebody please tell me what additional steps must be done to get my ActiveX control working<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>MSK<BR>