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    Netscape 6.2 is buggy. It has a tendency to mess up HTML documents. It messes up some of my javascript, and it doesn't save images in the same directory. It changes some of my html after I have created it in notepad. Netscape 6.2 kicks ***, but composer is funky. I like some of the new features of 6.2 composer, but it isn't perfected.

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    Default is that it? a generalised whinge?

    or did you have a question?<BR><BR>FYI Netscape 6.x is a very sensitive little browser. CORRECTLY WRITTEN HTML renders perfectly, but crappy code doesn&#039;t. which do you think we believe your code is?<BR><BR>j<BR>

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    Default ouch!

    that redhed has a bite that stings!

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