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    I am running a site which gives information and I am using Request.QueryString to show the users the info they want. So I have in JavaScript:<BR><BR>if (Request.QueryString("subject")=="jtagarsi"){<BR>R esponse.Write("Information on Joseph Tagarsi....");<BR>}<BR><BR>recurring all through my page. Then my navigation bar just links to index.asp?subject=jtagarsi.<BR><BR>Apart from this same scriptlet recurring over and over with different names, my page is just in HTML. I am getting Error 500. The program doesn&#039;t call any functions or variables as it is so simple, it doesn&#039;t do anything like divide by zero (which is a known cause of Error 500) as there is nothing mathematical, so I can&#039;t think what the problem could be.<BR><BR>What are other causes of Error 500<BR>

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    Default crosspost...answered in Q&A


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