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    Hello, <BR><BR>I have 2 databases. 1st is Informix that does not reside on my ASP server. 2nd is SQL that does reside on my ASP server. Is it possible to connect to the informix datbase and pull information and then populate that into my SQL database? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you<BR>

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    Default Depends on what you mean...

    Assuming you can connect to both DBs, perhaps using a System DSN for each, then you can certainly read records from one and write records to the other.<BR><BR>But doing that in ASP code will be slow and clumsy. <BR><BR>If you can find a way to import the Informix data directly into SQL Server, that will surely be faster.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know how to do that, but I&#039;d bet that (if it&#039;s possible) it will be in the MSDN Knowledge Base. And if that fails, you might check out where all the SQL Server experts hang out.<BR><BR>

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