In order to force a file download box when sending a .xls file from ASP to the client, I used the techniques described in a Microsoft KB paper (Q193998 - which I found referenced in 4guys:FAQID=96). What this does is use the Content-disposition header with content="attachment; filename.ext" followed by a load and call to a DLL which reads the .xls into a variant (code for DLL is in Q193998), after which the variant is put into the stream via Response.BinaryWrite.<BR>This works great...the first time. But if you run it again (click on the same button on the underlying web page) you might see, and certainly will see if you run it a few times:<BR>a dialog box saying "Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close," with a button below allowing you to "Send Error Report" (to Microsoft). Any suggestions?<BR>Please note: In this app it is important that I leave the underlying web page as-is. At present, I am opening another window on top of it via, and in that window, submitting to an ASP page which builds the .xls (using Crystal Reports), then redirects to the page which calls the DLL.<BR>Thanks in advance!