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    Hi, I have only been learning ASP for a week so please excuse my silly question. In my project I need to have a function to upload a image related to an article. (i only need that function for my own adminPanel and it&#039;s not open to public). I have been reading some articles saying there are different approach and I feel the best way is to have an image field in the SQL server database containing the link reference to the image file.<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me how do I go about it? DO I need to get some component? (I heard there&#039;s a component called smart upload? how to get it?) or if anyone can tell me some good article where I can learn how to do it. A simple example code will also be nice.<BR><BR>Many thanks

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    Default there's a whole category on http://www.aspin.

    lots of tutorials, not all of which involve components, though a component is the easiest way.<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.infinitemonkeys.ws/

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