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    Hi everyone,<BR><BR>I&#039;m having a problem with my IIS 5 server. A few months ago I started learning PHP4, and subsequently developed an entire web application for a buddy using PHP4. I also installed MySQL on my Win2K box.<BR><BR>Previously I was using IIS for developing a web-app using ASP. Everything worked great then, but I did VERY little with ASP while I was developing in PHP. So now I have to go back and fix some problems in the ASP application, but IIS is giving me all sorts of errors, none of which I can logically justify.<BR><BR>For starters, I used to be able to connect to IIS using just my computer name (http://mypc/index.asp), but now it gives me a &#039;Bad Gateway&#039; error. I _can_ still connect using my IP address, but that kinda defeats the purpose of having a PC name, no? It&#039;s a minor thing, but just knowing that it worked before, and it doesn&#039;t now... annoys me.<BR><BR>Then comes the big problem. It seems as though all the pages that have anything to do with the database don&#039;t like to come up anymore. Funny thing is, sometimes the work fine, sometimes they don&#039;t work at all. They give me a &#039;This page cannot be displayed&#039; error message. It worked before, I didn&#039;t change anything on the server, so now all of the sudden, what gives?<BR><BR>Could it be that my PHP driver is interfering with ASP? Has anyone else had this, or a similar problem? How might I be able to overcome it?<BR><BR>Thanx,<BR><BR>- coredumped.

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    Default Are you *sure* that...

    You haven&#039;t changed anything? Sounds to me like you have....Maybe something little that you&#039;ve forgotten about?<BR><BR>For the PC name....Just edit your LMHOSTS file, and add that in there.<BR><BR>For the rest...I don&#039;t know what it could be. I run PHP4 on my machines, and have never had any problems with ASP acting up.

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