Our site runs on an Intranet and all the ASP files and Includes are in JScript. The messaging system is MS Exchange and profiles will not be available.<BR><BR>That is why we want to do this:<BR><BR>var oSession = Server.CreateObject ("MAPI.Session");<BR>oSession.Logon ("","",false,false,"",false,"Exchg1
MISDept");<BR> or<BR>oSession.Logon ("","",false,false,"",false,"Exchg1x0AMISDept");<B R><BR>However the logon method returns either a "Type Mismatch" error with the above logon statements or an "Invalid Character" error with the following statements.<BR><BR>oSession.Logon ("","",false,false,"",false,"Exchg1" +
+ "MISDept");<BR> or<BR>oSession.Logon ("","",false,false,"",false,"Exchg1" + x0A + "MISDept");<BR><BR>The last value, ProfileInfo is the problem.<BR>A VB example shows "&#060;servername&#062;" & vbLF & "&#060;mailboxname&#062;" as the string.<BR>A C++ example shows "&#060;servername&#062;
&#060;mailboxname&#062;" as the string.<BR><BR>Anyone know how to convert it to JScript?<BR>