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    The company that I work for has Banner pages turned on when we print. Which is great because I can go to the printer and find out who&#039;s document it is that I am reading while I wait for mine.<BR><BR>The problem is, that when I print from Excel - and I want 5 copies. It treats each copy as it&#039;s own print job and prints 5 banner pages. In reality, it&#039;s all one print job and only one banner page should be printed.<BR><BR>What settings in Excel can I change so that it only prints one banner page when I print multiple copies?<BR><BR>-Doug

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    I don&#039;t think it has anything to do with Excel. Many printer drivers have an option to allow either the printer or the application to generate multiple copies. Yours has probably been set to get the app to do the work so that the printer can just get on with printing.

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