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    I tried to make an ASP page to send the form info to an email address, and with you it works. Why the hell doesn&#039;t the example script work with me(i copied and only changed the mail address)? Am I doing something wring? I&#039;m talking about the ASP from I really don&#039;t know why it doesnt work with me, ut I need it! What do I get? The action does work good, but I get a view of the ASP file (the code, the text), and the code is not executed. What should I do? Please help!<BR><BR>

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    Default a bit vague

    are you getting any errors? what do you mean by &#039;it doesn&#039;t work&#039;?<BR><BR>more details or we can&#039;t help you.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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