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    I&#039;m new to ASP and IIS. I&#039;m running Win2K Pro.<BR><BR>What exactly do I need to have installed to run<BR><BR>I have downloaded both the runtime (19MB) and the asp sdk (130MB) from microsoft. When I try to run the installation, it says I must have IIS? Is this true, or can I safely proceed?<BR><BR>Do I need both of the above installed, or just the 19MB version? I can&#039;t find anything on the difference in the two files, but obviously there is a great deal of difference.<BR><BR>Any other pointers for a newbie would be appreciated.

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    You need IIS installed to install ASP.NET, I believe. Just install the 19 MB download, that is sufficient. The 130 MB download just contains extra samples/docs that are available online.<BR><BR>One big tip: pick up a copy of Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days, it will be a big help in getting started.<BR>

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