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    Hi guys, here is what I have:<BR><BR>I have this FrontPage shopping cart Webbot that is has the page include.asp in it. The include page is suppose to display different finishes for the different door handle types, so I&#039;ve got that part figured out.. I have 5 products displayed at one time on the same page and the includes on the products will be different since not all products will have the same finish so how can I get this accmoplished?

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    Default ASPFAQs, category The Nature of Things

    The link to the ASPFAQs is at the top right corner of most every page on this site, including this one.<BR><BR>Short answer: You can&#039;t *do* dynamic includes.<BR><BR>But I&#039;m not sure that&#039;s what you *really* want, anyway.<BR><BR>Are you simply asking how you can include more than one file?<BR><BR>

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