a GOOD image manipulation tool???

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Thread: a GOOD image manipulation tool???

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    I'm wondering can tell me of any GOOD asp components for converting all different kinds of images to jpg's. I need one that can convert psd, eps, and tiff files. I have found two. One called Picture Processor which is very nice mainly because you can save an image right to the stream, so you don't have to save temporary files but doesn't do PSD's, and one called ImageGlue which doesn't seem to do EPS's all that well and doesn't support the save to stream option. Also, programming with ImageGlue seems a little clunky to me. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? Thanks

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    LEADTools. I&#039;ve worked with it in the past.<BR><BR>All of these tools are going to give you some problems with EPS because they can be saved with LZW Compression. If so, they you have to deal with the Unisys nightmare.<BR><BR>Additionally, the OS differences between MAC EPS and PC EPS can bit you in the rear. I&#039;ve seen problems when the files weren&#039;t saved with a TIF preview.<BR><BR>Look into the open source Ghostscript. You have to drop out to the command line to execute it, but, it works on everything. Even &#060;sneaky&#062;.GIF files with LZW compression&#060;/sneaky&#062;.<BR><BR>Good luck -- it&#039;s a nightmare working with that many different types of graphics.<BR><BR>-Doug

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