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    I have a working web app. I have working intranet apps. I have a db as well as a file store that is used by web app. Ditto for my intranet apps. What I am looking for are links or any information regarding when and how to start merging intranet and web based systems. For instance, I have a dir that contains contract imgs. It is being used extensively in-house. We want to be able to display these contract imgs over the web. So I copied the images to our web server, wrote some code on the db that our web server uses, and everything works...except the data on the web-side is always old. See the problem. And I am not sure how to proceed, since both sides do work - just not really work together.<BR>

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    Default Well, for your example...

    Assuming that the data (the images) are in a SQL Server DB--or at least in a DB that uses a server, unlike Access which is really just a file that is handled via calls to functions in a DLL--how about putting the data to be used both places into a separate table (or group of tables).<BR><BR>Then you set the permissions on that table to allow use by either the intranet or the internet Web servers. Other tables, for use in-house only, are set so that only the intranet server has permission to access them.<BR><BR>This should be relatively straightforward to administer. I know I could do it in MySQL, so I&#039;d bet you can do it with SQL Server, Oracle, or whatever.<BR><BR>

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