Dear Sir,<BR>Our company is provider of complete web-based solutions (all technologies we use are listed bellow), successfully done lots of projects on giant marketplaces, claimed as PERFECT by clients and having many long-term relations with our non-market-place-served clients too. Hard-to-beat low prices, fast work, 6 years of experience, extremely creative and skilled team using the latest cutting edge tools and technologies. Probably the most important thing related to programming and development is that we write only 10-15% of the code. 85-90% of code we generate, therefore development of tasks that take 2 weeks in other companies we have done and tested in 2-5 days. On our web-site (URL is bellow) we have prepared the examples and there you can see the style and quality of our work/graphics design. We are opened for any suggestions and are intelligent communicators always carefully listening to you. If you think that our experience and skills are enough for your projects, then we are made for each other.<BR><BR>-Operation systems:<BR> Microsoft Windows NT & 2000 & XP<BR> Linux<BR><BR>-Web and web applications servers:<BR> Microsoft IIS - Internet Information Services<BR> Apache<BR> Macromedia generator<BR> Microsoft ASP - Active Server Pages<BR> PHP<BR><BR>-Database systems and servers:<BR> Microsoft SQL<BR> Microsoft Access<BR> MySQL<BR><BR>-Programming languages<BR> HTML & DHTML<BR> WAP & WML<BR> VBScript (ASP)<BR> C (PHP)<BR> Java<BR> Action Script (Macromedia products - FLASH,...)<BR> Perl<BR><BR>-NewMedia multimedia elements and production tools<BR> Macromedia FLASH<BR> Macromedia DIRECTOR<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR>Kamil SZALAY<BR>CEO – Software Development<BR>Dimension 17<BR><BR>Web:<BR>E-mail:<BR>