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    I am looking for a script that will display a list of available names to choose from. The visitor will select a name, type in the message and click send. I have ASPEmail component installed on my NT4 (SPK6a, Option Pack4) webserver. I would also like to limit the text field to a certain amount of characters.<BR><BR>I would assume that the actual name/email list will be hidden with the asp script or maybe a way to call a Access database. I have seen tons of form to email ideas but nothing like this.<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated.<BR><BR>Thank you.<BR>Qsack

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    Default Just a couple of easy steps...

    1) Create database (Access or SQL Server work fine)<BR>2) Create ASP Page that:<BR> a) Opens database connection<BR> b) Queries for list of e-mail addresses from a table<BR> c) Create a form<BR> d) Populate drop-down list from form<BR> e) Put a text box maxlength=255<BR> f) Put a send button<BR>3) Create another ASP page that:<BR> a) Get&#039;s e-mail address from Form collection<BR> b) Get&#039;s message from Form collection<BR> c) Sends e-mail<BR> d) Displays confirmation<BR><BR>There you go, easy as 1...2...3... all of the things mentioned in this post can be found on 4guysfromrolla. I have grouped them by the different things that you will need to find out.<BR><BR>Have fun.<BR><BR>-Doug

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