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    Ian Hoppes Guest

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    is it possible to log off a user on a NT 4 server after they have logged in to access a web page? Session.Abandon does NOT log them off, i know that if you close the entire browser program (not just the window) then they will be logged off, but is there a way to force it using ASP so I dont have to close their browser using javascript?<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>ian

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    Chris Willey Guest

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    Since I don&#039t know exactly what you mean by "logging in," it&#039s hard to know how to tell you how to log them off. If you mean "logging in" in the sense of an NT user account, then logging out is not possible without an Active Server object (COM or otherwise). ASP by itself can&#039t do it. There are commercial (and perhaps free) utilities out there that can probably do that.<BR><BR>If you mean "logging in" in the sense of some kind of database-driven login, then logging out would depend on how you know that a user is logged in. If you use cookies, then you need to remove the cookie (using the .Expire method). If you use Session variables, then Session.Abandon should work.<BR><BR>Maybe you can give us more details?

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