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    i need to check if the form the user is completing valid..and i want to check only certain in VBScript i do the following..but it gives me the alert message but still sends the form without stoping..what do i need to include???<BR><BR>If Len(articlefrm.txtTitle.value) = 0 Then<BR> Alert "You Must Enter the Article Title"<BR> articlefrm.txtTitle.focus<BR> Exit Sub

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    Default In Javascript...

    If you return a false value from the function, you can stop the form submission.<BR><BR>You must an obsubmit event into the &#060;form&#062; tag:<BR>onSubmit="return functionname()"<BR><BR>Don&#039;t know if that will help you or not when it comes to client-side VBScript.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    You can call a vbscript function from a javascript function, so it should work fine.

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