The problem is as listed under<BR><BR>Environment<BR>------------<BR>WINDOWS 2000<BR>IIS 5<BR>ASP<BR>ORACLE8i(backEnd)<BR>IE 5.0<BR>English set as defalut on the server(Regional Setting)<BR><BR>Problem<BR>-------<BR>We are trying to do mail merge thourg the module.The module is built in asp and<BR>interacts with Oracle(Backend).Mail merge is working perfect when the data<BR>present in the backend(say CustomerName) is in English.It also works fines for<BR>all the amount figures(ie numbers).<BR><BR>The problem starts when the ASP picks up a data(say CustomerName) which is in<BR>Chinese at the backend and tries to merge it with the Word Document.Although the<BR>data is merged but it is not relevent as it is not in Chinese font.Hence at the<BR>end i get a data which is junk (merged in the Document template).<BR><BR><BR>This data gets merged perfectly if I change the regional setting from English to<BR>Taiwan Chinese.But this cannot be persued with as the server also has other<BR>sites hosted on it.So we have to use English as default and find a work around.<BR><BR>Already Present<BR>--------------<BR>*Word Document(on the server) with the Chinese fonts in it.<BR>* Reports that are generated from the module show the CustomerName in Chinese.So<BR>all things except the Mail Merger is showing Chinese Characters<BR><BR>Any sort of help will be highly appreciated<BR><BR>