Hello, <BR><BR>I have my cookie code working perfectly on my local PWS server, however she doesn&#039;t want to work at all on the remote IIS machine.<BR><BR>This is my code in its entirety:<BR><BR>&#039;******************SET THE LOGOUT COOKIE <BR> <BR> &#039;add 1 to the cookie *NumberVisits*<BR> &#039;logs the user out for 60mins after 3 bad logins<BR> <BR> Response.Cookies("UserInformation").Domain ="www.mydomain.com.au"<BR> Response.Cookies("UserInformation").Secure =True<BR> Response.Cookies("UserInformation")("AddVisit") = 1<BR> &#039;if coookies are present<BR> If Request.Cookies("UserInformation").HasKeys Then<BR> &#039;add a counter of 1 to the number of visits<BR> Response.Cookies("UserInformation")("NumberVisits" ) = Request.Cookies("UserInformation")("NumberVisits") + 1<BR> If Request.Cookies("UserInformation")("NumberVisits") &#062;= 4 Then<BR> &#039;set the logout value to true<BR> &#039;this will redirect to the userlogout.asp page<BR> <BR> Response.Cookies("UserInformation")("Logout") = True<BR> <BR> dtNow = Now()<BR><BR> &#039;Will expire the cookie 60 mins from now<BR> ExpiryTime = DateAdd("n", 1, dtNow)<BR> <BR> &#039;set the expiry time for the cookie<BR> Response.Cookies("UserInformation").Expires = ExpiryTime<BR> <BR> &#039;create a key for the expiry time -this is used to let user know when they can retry<BR> Response.Cookies("UserInformation")("ExpiryTime") = ExpiryTime<BR> <BR> End If <BR> End If<BR><BR><BR>I know it&#039;s a bit extensive, but can anyone see from a quick glance why no cookies are being set on my remote IIS machine???<BR><BR>Could it have to do with permissions on the remote server??<BR><BR>Many thanks for any help,<BR><BR>bpj.<BR><BR>