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    Default ASP on Win XP

    Has anyone had any problems with ASP on XP? I am currently running ME with PWS, but I want to upgrade to XP but then I am not sure if I will be able to test my ASP scripts? XP comes with IIS 5 correct? And I should be able to use this or not? The reason I ask is a friend of mine is using Win 2000 and is having problems running IIS on that and can&#039;t test his scripts locally. Anyone have any views on this?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    Default WinXP Pro offers IIS not WinXP...

    Not sure whether you can port IIS from XPPro over to regularly XP. I just know it is not there by default.

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    Default there's a hack.....

    ... i posted a link to it on my weblog yesterday - link below<BR><BR><BR><BR>should be second or third article down by now...<BR><BR>j

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