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    We&#039re using sessions pretty extensively on a site that has 3 levels of membership and, though the performance is still pretty good, I&#039m getting worried about scalability. Using MS SQL Server 7 as the db.<BR><BR>Is there any component that mimics Site Server&#039s ability to generate custom GUIDs or something similar?

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    I would think you would have to go Third Party to rival Microsofts Profile Tracking with GUIDS. I have worked with a company that used a software called Engadge, which for all intents and purposes is a Site Server parallel. I am not sure of what you are doing but I have seen some realy great things done with Site Servers P&M. So for you need something else might be an option to write your own COMs to do this. If this is not detailed enough please explain kinda what you are running into and what you expect and that might help a bit.<BR><BR>Gary

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