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    Hey all,<BR><BR>I am trying to figure out how I can manipulate the challenge/response system using ASP and/or a DLL from ASP.<BR><BR>For instance, I would like to be able to:<BR><BR>1. Log someone in as an NT user (as opposed to IUSR_xxx)<BR>2. Log someone out<BR><BR>And if possible:<BR><BR>3. Create NT users<BR>4. Delete NT users<BR><BR>Is this even possible?<BR><BR>The reason is that I have a client who wants password protection on a folder, and any file that is inside of it. He has 500+ users and is sick and tired of having to call his IT department to ask them to add/remove/update users.<BR><BR>He wants a nice little web interface where he can do it from there.<BR><BR>Any and all help appreciated,<BR><BR>Thanks so much!!<BR><BR>Enforge

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    Default I'd imagine so

    Probably a **** load of API calls...<BR><BR>I seriously doubt you&#039;ll get an answer in this forum. You&#039;ll probably have to start searching what APIs are available to you.

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