I am trying to create a Conference room scheduler. I have four rooms with time slots ranging from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm. I have the output display as a simple table. I create a db connection then I create recordsets using that connection. I am currently having to create 120 recordsets. As you know, this causes a real performance problem, as well as a licensing problem for SQL. I then do a test on the recordsets, all 120 of them, to see if they are empty, end of file. There can only be one record for each time for each room each day. If they are then I declare a variable that is similar to variable1="Available" and if it is not the end of file then I do something similar to: variable1=recordset("feild") So by the end of this asp page I have made one database connection, 120 recordsets and 120 variables that contain either "Available" or recordset("field"). Then I simply display the variables in their correct spot in the table. Thanks for your help.