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    Mark Herring Guest

    Default PWS and HTTP 500 Error

    I&#039ve installed PWS on a Windows NT workstation system (NT 4.0 w/SP6) and while it will display .html files just fine, it gives me a HTTP 500 Server Error whenever I try to display a .asp page.<BR><BR>I&#039ve made sure that asp.dll is installed correctly. I&#039ve even downloaded MDAC 2.1 and no difference. I still get the error.<BR><BR>Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!<BR><BR>Mark Herring<BR>

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    Elie Habib Guest

    Default RE: PWS and HTTP 500 Error/ IIS

    I have the same problem except on IIS and Windows NT.<BR>HTML files are processed while ASP files results HTTP 500 Server Error.<BR><BR>Asp.dll is correctly configured. Please Help if possible.<BR><BR>Elie Habib<BR>

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    Mark Herring Guest

    Default RE: PWS and HTTP 500 Error/ IIS

    I wish I could help out Elie. I&#039ve seen a number of messages in DejaNews&#039 archive from people who have the same problem, but I have yet to see any solution to the problem that doesn&#039t involve reloading ASP.EXE from FrontPage.<BR><BR>Mark<BR> <BR>

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