Can't use apostrophe in database field?

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Thread: Can't use apostrophe in database field?

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    I have created a browser based admin page to update database records. I am encountering two problems:<BR><BR>(1) When a name contains an apostrophe (Patricia O&#039Conner, for instance) the name gets truncated at the apostrophe. So that the result shown in the browser is (Patricia O ). Any ideas on what is happening here?<BR><BR>(2) The second problem is a bit more cryptic. I am using a text area field to modify long block of text (a memo field in Access 97). The problem is that after I add text to the field and update the database with the addition, the text gets cut off before the end when written to the browser.(I am not at the 65K limit of the memo field either). When I view the text in the database I can see that the text has in fact been cut off at the point that I saw it in the browser. Any thoughts???

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    1.<BR><BR>before you insert values replace apostrophes with two apostrophes, eg:<BR><BR>&#062; strText = Replace(strText, "&#039", "&#039&#039")<BR><BR><BR>2.<BR><BR>can we see your code?<BR><BR>how do you pass the form data - GET or POST? if its GET it may be worth trying POST - dunno, just a guess

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