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    I’m working on a fiction stories site using ASP and SQL Sever 2000.<BR> <BR>Index.asp: displays a listing of story titles as well as specific story parts that a visitor can click read<BR><BR>Detail.asp: displays the actual story text (and also lets you jump to other part numbers of the story)<BR><BR>My question is: how can I set up the detail.asp page so that readers can just click on a “go to previous part” or “go to next part” link instead of having to click on the random-access listing of story part numbers I’ve set up on each detail page? <BR><BR><BR>If that example doesn’t make sense, let me try this one…<BR><BR>For an online image gallery:<BR><BR>Index.asp: displays thumbnails for each picture (which is from a recordset). Clicking on the picture displays the full size image (inline in Detail.asp)<BR><BR>Detail.asp: displays the full-size image<BR><BR>How do I allow the viewer to navigate within this gallery (“next pic” and “previous pic”) without having to go back to the Index.asp page to click on the thumbnails?<BR>

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    Default Crosspost. Asked and answered. <nm>


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