I have a left frame (leftFrame) and a main frame (mainFrame). The leftFrame consists of 8 links and a Save button. The links are 8 different sections of a survey. A user clicks the section link to have the survey questions open in the mainFrame. Upon completion of the survey section, the user clicks the Save button which submits the form on the mainFrame. The answers are saved to a database and if all the required answers are completed, a completed status is changed to &#039;1&#039; for the particular section.<BR><BR>When the page is submitted, I am calling a javacript reload in the &#060;body&#062; tag within the saveresults.asp page that reloads the leftFrame - there are indicators next to each link to show the user if the section is completed or not. This refreshes those indicators.<BR><BR>One of my sections is pretty lenghty and the saveresults.asp reloads the leftFrame before the completed status is changed. How can I delay this reload for about a second or two? Or, is there a better way to handle this?<BR><BR>A javascript validation function is not an option since the user is allowed to answer a few questions and come back at a later time (session) to finish the survey.<BR><BR>Thanks