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    I´m working on a homepage for a hockeyteam where I hope to add some statistics, but I can´t figure out how to write the code.<BR>I´m using a MySQL server.<BR><BR>The idea is that a user logs in to a admin page and adds how many goals and assist each player makes after each game.<BR><BR>What I want is that the db query takes care of the summary of the newly added goals and assists with the stored goals and assist in the db<BR><BR>Ex.<BR>In the db Player1 has Goals=12, Assist=7<BR>In form a user adds for Player1 Goals=1, Assist=2<BR><BR>After the latest goals and assist are submitted the database should show<BR>Player1 Goals=13, Assist=9<BR><BR>This might be simple but I have tried to do it myself without any satisfying result.<BR>I know how I can query my MySQL server to get the wanted result but I dont´t know how to do the ASP-coding to get from a webform to the MySQL server.<BR><BR>I´m quite a newbee in both ASP and MySQL but I think this could add some xtra interest to my homepage with some fast gamestats.<BR><BR>Could anyone please help me in this case?

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    Your Sql will need to be something along the lines of ...<BR><BR>Update TblPlayers Set Goals = [Goals] + 1, Assist = [Assist] + 1 Where PlayerName = &#039;Player1&#039;

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