Hi,<BR><BR>I was just wondering if anyone else had come across the following deeply annoying feature of Internet Explorer...<BR><BR>An intranet site we&#039;ve written for a big client has suddenly stopped working and we&#039;ve tracked it down to a problem with the querystrings we&#039;re sending. eg.<BR><BR>somepage.asp?Area=1&Section=2<BR><BR>Th is is getting HTML encoded to:<BR><BR>somepage.asp?Area=1$ion=2 (for $ read section mark)<BR><BR>Which obviously means that the page being called doesn&#039;t work anymore. The odd thing is that it&#039;s just started happening, we know that they havn&#039;t changed browsers but assume that their IT have made some sort of cofiguration change. We&#039;d ask them about it but they&#039;re a corporate Gestapo from the 7th level of Purgatory.<BR><BR>Anway, anyone seen this before? I&#039;m off to change the code so that it uses something less contentious than &#039;section&#039; in the querystring.<BR><BR>Jerome.<BR>