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    rinku Guest

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    Hi all,<BR> Can anybody tell me if there is any testing tool or standard used to test your asp scripts.<BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    If your speaking about perfomance testing then you can use WCAT<BR>or the Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool. You can find more<BR>info on these at: http://webtool.rte.microsoft.com/<BR><BR>WebLoad is also a good one - http://www.webload.com/<BR>This is a good, harcode testing tool for all web environments,<BR>not just ASP.<BR><BR>For other testing our team uses a Quality Assurance team.<BR>Basically a testing team that tests not only web site <BR>functionality, but also site perfomance and data integrity.<BR><BR>I hope this helps,<BR>Ian S

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