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    Mark Vandergugten Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Was looking for a way to suppress line breaks in HTML. For instance, if I want to keep [these words] on the same line, is there some tag I can use? I know this should ultimately be handled by the browser, but is there&#039s a way to control this?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Mark Vandergugten Guest

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    Sorry, but should add to this that &#060;NOBR&#062; does the trick, but I&#039m not sure what browser (versions) support it.<BR><BR>Mark

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    If it&#039s only a few words you can replace the spaces with non-breaking spaces.<BR><BR>For example [These&nbsp;Words]<BR><BR>...but why bother when &#060;NOBR&#062; Works in Opera 3.5, Netscape 2,3,4 and IE4 and 5. I don&#039t know if it works in IE3.<BR>

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