I have set up the ad component and it is rotating the ads but instead of linking to the url I have specified it is linking to the gif again. Any ideas?<BR>This is my code for AdSchedule.txt<BR><BR>redirect ad.asp<BR>border 0<BR>height 60<BR>width 468<BR>*<BR>graphics/banners/auction1.gif<BR>http://www.auctionit.uk.com<BR>Visit auction it.<BR>35<BR>graphics/banners/gladetech.gif<BR>http://www.gladetech.co.uk<BR>get your company on the world wide web<BR>35<BR>graphics/banners/ipoints.gif<BR>http://www.ipoints.co.uk<BR>get iPoints.<BR>30<BR><BR>Any ideas would be great.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Caroline