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    Hi,<BR>The website I have built for our company isn&#039;t showing up very well on search engines. If you type the full name of the company, on yahoo for example, it shows up with the company&#039;s URL only. No description. On my home page, I have:<BR><BR>&#060;TITLE&#062;company title&#060;/TITLE&#062;<BR>&#060;META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="Descripton"&#062;<BR>&#060;META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="key words."&#062;<BR>&#060;META NAME="CLASSIFICATION" CONTENT="stuff"&#062;<BR>&#060;META NAME="SUBJECT" CONTENT="stuff"&#062;<BR>&#060;META NAME="CONTENT" CONTENT="stuff"&#062;<BR>&#060;META NAME="revisit-after" CONTENT="15 days"&#062;<BR><BR>I was under the impression that spiders read these tags for info. Is this correct? Do I have to put this info on all my pages? How do I get a description of our company to display - without having to buy some "tool" or "service"<BR><BR>If I type part of the company&#039;s name, it never appears. Is there a way to bump us up the list? <BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default is this an ASP question?<BR><BR>Go here-<BR><BR><BR><BR>all the info you could ever want on search engine submission techniques.

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    Default LOL!

    You are quite right.<BR><BR>SOME spiders use the META data to rank pages.<BR><BR>Yahoo, however, does not. Yahoo is not a spider.<BR><BR>The Yahoo directory is a hand-built directory. All applications are screened and descriptions etc found.<BR><BR>You MUST include the tags on ALL pages.<BR><BR>You can "bump" yourself up the ranking using various spamming techniques, however these are slowly but surely being found out and spiders are banning URLs which use them.<BR><BR>You can ensure the main things are right: keyword duplication (not more than 3 times), key words and company names exist in both the description, title and first paragraph of the page (where appropriate)....<BR><BR>The main way in which spiders rank websites now is due to their popularity. The logic goes that if loads of people link to the site, the site must be worth viewing. If you want to try and bump up your search ranking, get your customers to link to you. No redirect pages or anything because spiders recognise those, too.<BR><BR>The ONLY way to guarantee getting a high listing is to buy into it through the search engine. It&#039;s a *****, but hey.<BR><BR>Alternatively, instead of saying that I am too negative, you could actually go and search for this yourself as various places have it.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default search engines...

    difficult question.<BR>Some sites are dedicated to SEO (search engine optimisation) <BR><BR>My personnal experience is that :<BR>1/ Altavista does not index any more: it is dying<BR>2/ Content content content: if you offer specific, rich, detailed info it will bump you upwards. I have pages on products that rank higher that the manufacturer themselves<BR>3/ historicity: if you are the last kid on the block it will take you longer before you can climb up up this will come...

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    Yeah, Alta Vista used to be one of the fastest to index stuff. They suck now.<BR><BR>Nobody beats Google now. Nobody.

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