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    Hi,<BR>We are starting to work on a new project that would take 6-8 months to complete. We would use ASP, COM (VB) with an Oracle back end. In the future however this code might have to be converted to asp.net. Can you please suggest what steps we can take now in our coding styles so that the migration later on might be faster?<BR>Any help is appreciated.<BR>Thanks.

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    Default Component Based Design?

    Sorry if this is obvious, but I would recommend that you follow a Standards Based Analysis & Design (UML ?) for your system and design it using an n-Tier approach.<BR><BR>In this way, you would abstract the logic and define proper interfaces to your components so that the internal code matters less than architecture. - Get the Interfaces Right - I think that this is the key.<BR><BR>Then, as you decide to migrate over to another Language, Operating System, Framework (e.g. .net) or DBMS etc... you would only need to change the component internals (All of the Interfaces would stay the same - pretty much!!).<BR><BR>I know this sounds like a bit of a dream, but we&#039;re going through a similar design ourselves at the moment - it IS time consuming but we feel that if we can get the foundations right then it may be time well spent.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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